Agave Music Inc. presents . . Joe Kuban and the Lost Chizo Band's newest release, Solitario. . More good music inspired by Big Bend and West Texas . . FLASH!! Both Solitario and On the River Road are now available here and on ITunes!
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Solitario is  the  newly released follow-up to Joe Kuban and the Lost Chizo Band's well-recieved On The River Road . It is  a compilation of fourteen original songs by singer-songwriter and biologist Joe Kuban about his beloved Big Bend territory and the people he has known there

Joe spent years in the Rio Grande Big Bend country researching the local environment, and captures the area's essence in this unique Texana music anthology.  The country/folk influences of Solitario and Joe and the band's harmonies are as distinctive a blend of music as is the landscape of the Big Bend region itself.

 Big Bend is a huge expanse of exceptionally unique desert, canyon, and mountain wilderness formed by the Rio Grande River in southwest Texas. Though a wild and rugged labyrinth, the area is anything but a wasteland.  Aside from breathtaking vistas, it is home for diverse rare plant and animal life, and contains valuable archaeological remains as well. This inspired recording will transport you along the river, canyons, mountains, and hidden springs that evoke the legends of the region.

Through production company Agave Music Inc., proceeds for sales of Solitario  and On the River Road go to the Big Bend National History Society, a nonprofit organization supporting the conservation and education efforts in Big Bend.  The Lost Chizo Band is composed of Kuban's friends, colleagues, and family musicians, with performing talents as immense and varied as that of the trans-Pecos region of the Texas borderlands known as the Big Bend.